Greetings from the sensational South Region! We are beginning to form a “good habit” of weekly baptisms! Tori is an incredible young lady who traveled a great distance (just like the Ethiopian Eunuch) to get right with God – even with heavy persecution from friends and family! She is only 18 years old and moved here a little over a week ago from North Carolina, because her dear friend Jordan kept sharing about how awesome God and His true church are! Khareece and myself put “our hands to the plow” as we covered in detail four studies with her on Saturday into the wee hours of the morning! “Our closer” Aliona counted the cost with her Sunday morning, and Tori was baptized at our All Congregational Service! To God be the glory!

In spite of severe persecution, Tori – when she turned
18 – left North Carolina and came to Los Angeles
to become a baptized disciple!