Denise Bordieri, MERCYworldwide & SC Shepherdess

It was a great day in South Central on Friday night as Lisa Davis, Principal of Washington Elementary School was baptized. We first met Lisa Davis two and half years ago when Nick and I walked into her school to talk to her about MERCYworldwide donating toys for Christmas to children in need at her school. From that point on MERCY has partnered with Washington Elementary on several projects. We would often ask Lisa to come to service and after a year she finally came out and the seed was planted! It has been amazing to watch Lisa grow as God removed the burdens that she carried on her heart for years. I am truly grateful for Lisa’s perseverance, inspired by her love for God and excited to see how God is going to work through her in her role as principal!

Lisa is not just our friend anymore–now she is our powerful Sister-in-Christ!