Campus Crew

Pat, Jr and Sparkle Boea

May 7, 2013

Good news in the Campus ministry! “LIFE” on campus is now an official group at CSUDH! Friday April 12 we had our first family time in a reserved room on campus. It was encouraging to see how God has allowed us to be recognized as a group on campus that holds a true purpose and a cure for the 13,993 lost souls with 8,000 new freshman to reach each fall! Reflecting back to 2012, at the end of the year God has added 3 women to our ministry; all in consecutive months – September, October & November – Lexus who was attending Trade Tech College and two of which, Esther & Vonte, are students at CSUDH! What is more encouraging is to see how God has blessed our ministry with 3 more baptisms this year with one in March – Jennifer a student at El Camino College – and 2 over 2 consecutive weeks in April – Janet & Veronica who are students on CSUDH! We are proud and encouraged by the way the baby Christians have raised up to take care of those who are now some of the new generation babies of God’s movement. Please pray for us as we continue to be faithful and see what new miracles God will perform for His names sake!

Our amazing Campus Crew works hard to tackle the 13,993 lost souls at CSU Dominguez Hills!