Entangled in Encouragement

Nick Bordieri, MERCYworldwide

A few weeks ago, Jason McNeil approached me about a special opportunity to promote MERCYworldwide while also earning money for Special Missions by volunteering at an increasingly popular 5K race called the “Graffiti Run.” What makes this “race” so popular is all the colors! The runners (over 9,000 at this year’s event!) encounter “graffiti zones” throughout the race, where they are doused with colored chalk – red, orange, blue, green, yellow and purple… and the chalk is in fact edible!

A runner enters the “yellow graffiti zone.”

Chris Adams jumped on the idea and quickly began signing-up disciples in his region to volunteer. Then South Central and other regions followed suit and we ended up having 57 spirited, hard-working disciples (MERCY Ambassadors) volunteer to host the run! In total, the MERCY Ambassadors were paid $3,000 for their services and all have agreed to put this toward Special Missions! Also, since MERCYworldwide was the “Charity Organization of Choice,” we received many online donations and lots of free advertising on the Graffiti Run Webpage!

Our MERCY Ambassadors hard at work!

I am very proud of our MERCY Ambassadors, led by our MERCY Event Coordinator – Russ Preston. We started all the preparations for the event at 6:30AM, and shined like stars”(Philippians 2:15) from beginning to end, serving in various capacities to help make this an enjoyable and problem-free event! Afterward, one of the Directors for the Graffiti Run commented on how joyful and spirited the MERCY Ambassadors were throughout the day, and stated “We’ve never worked with a group like this before!” At the end of the race, he approached us and asked whether we can help with similar events in other cities throughout the USA!

Some of the MERCY Ambassadors, including our very own Raymond Padron
participated in the Graffiti Run festivities!

All of us were tired after a long day of serving, but left with a smile remembering Jesus’ words, It is more blessed to give than receive!” (Acts 20:35)

The grand finale!