Good News! 3/24/2014

Greetings from the Central Region! These past two weeks have been remarkable as three more have been added to our number through baptism! First, last Saturday night, we saw the first USC undergraduate student baptized in the new movement! Josh made his decision to be “all in” for Jesus after two months of wrestling with God over his salvation!

A historical night as Josh is the first USC baptism in the new movement!

Then, Jeff an ELAC student, made the decision to make Jesus Lord and was baptized Wednesday night! He had been going to a different church for the past few years, but had little success in his efforts to completely repent. Eventually this led to him crying out for God to send him help. Miraculously, one day later, Jeff met disciples on campus and studied every day until he was baptized!

Jeff wastes no time after he discovers the truth and studies daily till his baptism!

Lastly, Sarah – an amazing young single mother – was baptized today! Prior to being baptized, she vulnerably shared about how God had brought about incredible changes in her life. These changes included her living situation and her relationship with her daughter. She humbly gave glory to God and then was baptized! Pray for us as many more are on the way!

In the midst of so many challenges, God gives a helping hand to Sarah to enter His Family!