Good News 9.29.13

Gabe Reed of the East Region: Great news! All the college disciples in the East Region are paid and registered for the Campus Retreat!

Also we are so grateful for the ICCM! One of our ICCM interns Miguel Limon, “multiplied himself” this week by baptizing a 16 year old named “Miguel!”

“Miguel” fulfills the Great Commission by multiplying
himself in baptizing “Miguel!”

And we are excited to announce that we have two new “unpaid Interns” who will be attending the ICCM: David Green & Sonia Gonzalez (Jr.)! Not only will they be attending the ICCM, but as of Saturday night, they are engaged to be married!! Today, David & Sonia had an amazing addition to their Bible Talk with the restoration of George! George was baptized in the Mainline Church of Christ and is a fulltime student at Cal Poly and a tennis coach! George was praying to find a church of totally committed disciples because although he was a Youth Minister in the Mainline Church, he knew that there was just something not right….

Congratulations to David & Sonia on their
engagement and selection to the ICCM!

When he first came out he only believed in the New Testament and was shocked when we clapped to the songs during worship, because at his former church they only sing “a capella.” After of couple of months of studying the Bible, he came to believe that God’s true church is a “Bible church,” not just a “New Testament church;” therefore, it is not sin to use instruments in worship because they were used in the Old Testament! Then, he came to the conviction that for a congregation “autonomy is sin,” and that every member of a congregation must be a totally committed disciple! Finally, George is so excited about his new dream – the evangelization of the nations in THIS generation!

Lastly, great news from Mexico City – our very own Richard Noches & Joy Axelson started dating! And to God be the glory!

Richard & Joy believe that there’s no better place
than the mission field to find a “person
after God’s own heart” to date!