Good News From Ventura – 02/10/2014

Greetings from Ventura! The last two weeks have been incredible as we have witnessed two souls added to our number through baptism and restoration! Jessica was baptized last week through the efforts of the newly formed Downtown Oxnard Singles Bible Talk! Ashley Watson, one of our Unpaid Interns, co-leads this Bible Talk and has “poured herself out” since November to help Jessica truly make Jesus her Lord! Nicole, who was restored today, brought us all to tears as she humbly apologized to the congregation for abandoning God and her spiritual family. We are so grateful to have her back!

Excitingly, Luke has developed a six-part study series targeting core convictions of our movement to strengthen our region in preparation for June’s leadership transition. Although these specific topics typically affect our “Veteran Disciples,” they can concern young Christians as well. Last Sunday, Luke preached an incredible lesson clearly defining the sin of Acedia – its triggers and God’s solutions to overcome. Today Luke preached on Μετάνοια (transliteration – Metanoia), the Greek word which translates as what we know as “repentance.” The positive response from the disciples and visitors thus far has been pleasantly overwhelming!

-Brandyn Speckman