Good News From Ventura – June 8, 2014

Brandyn Speckman: We are so grateful how God has moved so powerfully in the Ventura Region by bringing new souls into His amazing Kingdom! It all began four weeks ago with an incredible woman named Catie! Catie has been a catalyst for increased faith in Ventura!! She studied the Bible and was baptized in one week!!!

Then a week after Catie’s baptism, Domenike & Iresha Fitts studied the Bible eagerly and were baptized! Finally, last week our newest sister Alysha was baptized into Christ! Alysha is the friend and babysitter of our newly baptized married couple! She was so urgent about changing her life she covered a “worldly” tattoo on her arm and changed her phone number (completely on her own!!) by the Discipleship Study!!!! She is a woman with radical conviction and radical repentance!!!

The Fitts were fruitful with Alysha after being
Christians for only one week!