Good News From Ventura!! – March 2015

The Word of God has been boldly preached over the past few weeks in the Ventura Region! Dave & Jill Swann, our creative, fiery Shepherding Couple and owners of the Hollywood Fitness Gym, planned an Oscar-themed service two weeks ago, replete with red-velvet ropes, a special communion song performed by our amazing band, and an “After-service Oscar Party” with movie ticket door prizes! But what impacted so many was the sermon Dave preached with three Oscar Award Winning Movie titles as his main points. Thrillingly, a Ventura College student, Bree took the simple, yet challenging message of grace and repentance to heart, and she pushed the “do-over button” and was baptized!

Bree signals “Victory” in Jesus!

Today, at our Singles’ Ministry-led service, Dennis Sloan preached his first full-length sermon and laid out the truth that repentance is really a change in mind-set, perception or purpose and not the deeds themselves! (Seems the Holy Spirit has that theme picked out for us up here in Ventura!) He preached about three men who lived their lives all about God’s radical love: Moses, Paul and Jesus! It was impossible to deny the miracle of God that has turned Dennis from being a U.S. Army veteran and fighting man to the death, to now saving men from Satan and certain spiritual death!

He & Corinna are revitalizing the Campus and Teen Ministries here in Ventura County, as there are many new friends who have come out to Bible Talk, Devo and an Open Mic! Dennis cited news reports about “Christian militia units” streaming from all over the world to the Middle East to eradicate the terrorist group ISIS with guns, not love – which is NOT JESUS! Therefore, every Ventura disciple was challenged to repent and love with a fierce light that will overcome the darkness of this world. Pray fortimes of refreshing” to flow-in with the tide of repentance here in Ventura County! (Acts 3:19)

Dennis & Corinna have a gift for making
even the “Trash-a-thon” a lot of fun!