Jasmine: Born Of Water And Spirit! – October 11, 2015

Jasmine's Baptism

Jasmine is born of water and of spirit!

Jasmine Dudd is a second year Sociology major at UCR who studied the bible for two weeks and made Jesus Lord of her life October 11,2015. Originally reached out to the previous summer, Jasmine had many things to overcome before she made her conversion. The toughest thing to give up before she entered the light was her relationship with her fiance. When she broke the news to him, he was furious and began to harshly persecute her, but instead of folding under the pressure, she held fast to her convictions and invited some disciples to her home in the middle of the night. Thanks be to God that she was able to find the comfort that only the kingdom of God can provide, and that she was inspired to reach out to her mother and grandmother who were present for service and the baptism. The most touching moment occurred after Jasmine emerged from the water when she embraced her mother who was weeping with great joy. All Glory be to God our father for our new sister in Christ!

Jasmine and Pogisa

Spiritual Twins Jasmine and Pogisa are born on the same day!