Loyal Latins

Hector Sanchez and Wendy Lopez

May 7, 2013

Greetings from the Latin Ministry! We would like to share our humble good news with you all! And this week we would love to raise up our awesome sister Lolita Hernandez! As a group we have been working together to meet our goal for 20x’s. Our women have used their talents to good use. Being that they are skillful in the art of cooking they have decided to continue raising our 20x’s by cooking lunch for everyone to enjoy after Sunday Services! Filling up our brothers and sisters tummy with delicious food, Lolita took It upon herself to cook and sell ,to raise up our sister Elvia’s contribution! She even refused to take back the money she invested in the food, saying “if its for my sister Elvia keep it all.” Her heart behind it all brought tears to our eyes! To see the love, the sisterhood and the friendship being built is amazing! Glory be to our God that gives us the key to true Love. We would also like to welcome our Sister Veronica Sanchez back into the family! The Lord has guided her back home! And we are humbled to have her join us in the battle to gather up Gods children!

We are encouraged by the strong friendships and unity being built with the Latin women! Lolita (top center),
mentioned above, has worked so hard at giving her heart!