News Flash: Metro Manila Good News!

Mabuhay! (Live long!) We rejoiced today as Teng Carino was baptized! Teng first attended the church during Kip & Elena’s visit in November last year. When Manny & Beth Ong, not by chance rode in his taxi to church, asked Teng if he wants to join the Sunday service. Without any hesitation he accepted the invitation!

The sharing during his baptism was so moving, especially when Cristy (Teng’s wife) shared how grateful she is for Teng’s changes, for he had abandoned his wife and three children for 14 years! Teng asked for Cristy’s forgiveness in front of everybody, then they both embraced and kissed each other! Cristy is now studying the Bible with the sisters and prayerfully will become a disciple very soon! To God be the glory!

Teng zealously comes out of the waters of baptism
ready to embrace his new purpose in life!