West Region Leaders

Ricky and Colleen Challinor lead the West Region of the City of Angels International Christian Church. Please contact any of the leaders below to find out more information for a group near you.

Campus Ministry Bible Talks
SMC: BraveHearts
Marvell Holder

p: 480/619.2485
Megan Matthews

p: 954/ 668.8694

UCLA: The Bruins BT
Ricky Challinor

p: 503/ 317-0816
Colleen Challinor

p: 503/ 752-9342

Mingle’s Ministry Bible Talks

The Ocean View Bible Talk
David Jefferson

p: 951/907.5015
Anna Hernandez

p: 424/344.8350

The Warriors Bible Talk
Joey Underhill

p: 562/374.1535
Megan Matthews

p: 954/ 668.8694

The El Segundo Bible Talk
Jim Fenton

p: 310/ 648.8397
Donna Fenton

p: 310/ 486.5941

Chris Adams

p: 315/657.7867
Kerri-Sue Adams

p: 315/ 657.5350

The S.T.A.R. Bible Talk
Matthew Lovacheff

p: 816/ 217.4514
Marlo Lovacheff

p: 816/ 217.9271

The Indestructibles Bible Talk
Jesse Hoagland

p: 301/ 741.1359
Lindsey Hoagland

p: 301/ 787-0950