Sunday Service – February 9, 2014

Greetings from Ventura! What an incredible Sunday Service today was!

Our service began powerfully as we all came together and sang to God with glad and sincere hearts. Following that, the entire church rejoiced at the restoration of our beloved sister Nicole. Many happy and grateful tears were shed as Brandyn Speckman along with other sisters shared about Nicole’s eagerness and longing to be reunited with God and his family and how her change of heart led her back to God’s Kingdom. Nicole’s radical heart for God and his family was very evident as she spoke to the church. It truly was a moment to remember as everyone stood arm in arm singing to Nicole as well as to each other “We Love You With The Love Of The Lord”.


After that, our entire church were treated to sharing a moment with some of the children from Kid’s Kingdom. A few of the children took some time to thank their Kid’s Kingdom teachers for lovingly serving and teaching them. The teachers were personally thanked by the children for teaching them the importance of giving to God, loving and encouraging friends and family and also remembering God’s promises, one of which was signified by a rainbow (the story of Noah and the ark).


As if our Sunday service could not get any better, a powerful and convicting lesson was then preached by our fearless leader; Luke Speckman. His lesson today was titled: “Metanoia” or “Repentance”. One of the things that Luke powerfully shared was that repentance is a change of heart and mind which is then followed by an action; ones life should be one that reflects this change. If you would like to listen to the lesson he preached today please navigate to the “Latest Sunday Sermon” section located on the home page of our website.

Please keep the Ventura region in your prayers as we pray for you as well.

To God be the glory!

-Billie-Jean Willis