Teen Machine

Raymond Padron and Heydi Rodriguez

May 7, 2013

The South Central Teen Machine is thriving and going strong! Our teens are growing in the Lord each day. We are seeing the teens go after studies with 4 young amazing individuals. Please be praying for Ana, a young woman from Downey; Rebekah a zealous 13 year old; Rebekah’s best friend Sienna (also 13) & a young man Gorge, who studied in the past but left his studies due to family issues and has now come back to finish his studies with eagerness! We are also very blessed & thankful to have our new Brother in Christ join the Teen Machine–Terrence DeLane. He’s taking charge of the responsibilities our leader Raymond is giving him. We are growing and devoting ourselves to the fellowship just as the disciples from the first century. (Acts 2:42-47) To God be the glory!

Our fearless leader Raymond with our zealous teen Kianna, who has also been accepted into IGNITE!