TRASH-A-THON-October 2015

To raise funds, many host walk-a-thon’s but the family in Ventura just gathered for one of our most fun and innovative ideas of the year; our TRASH-A-THON! 21 servants of the Lord joined together to beautify the city of Oxnard through service projects. Through many weeks of preparation and hard work, these servants went out into the city requesting donations from local businesses that go directly towards the mission teams being sent out in early 2016 to Lagos, Nigeria and Seattle, Washington! We want to especially thank Abel Magana, the executive director of the Oxnard Downtown Management as well as Ian Patty, the Operations Manager for Block by Block. Ian brought out 4 of his crew members to help us in our endeavor! Because of one day, we raised well over $1,000 for the Lord! Thank you to these men who supported us in our TRASH-A-THON!Group Trash a thon