Vanessa Gets Baptised Into Christ! – September 25, 2015

Vanessa's Baptism

Vanessa is born of water and of spirit!

The Inland Empire is experiencing a wash of people eager to seek Christ! September 25, 2015 marks a momentous day because Vanessa Hamula was baptized into Christ!

Vanessa Sharing

Kirk Hamula, older brother of Vanessa and SoldOut Disciple from the OC Region, shares for Vanessa’s baptism!

Vanessa is the younger sister of our SoldOut brother in Christ, Kirk Hamula from the Orange County Region. God continues to move through the Inland Empire.

Vanessa and Friends

Vanessa and friends point to the camera as they proclaim, “The Gospel Will Reach You Next!”

Please pray for us as we continue praying for you. To God be the Glory!