Welcome to the AMS Ministry!

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 4.19.25 PMGreetings! You’ve come to the home of the City of Angels International Christian Church – Art’s, Media and Sports Ministry in which we specialize in the arts! Hollywood is where dreams come true for maybe 1% of the people that move here, but for the other 99% all that’s left for them is heartbreak and sadness.  In a city where dreams are shattered daily, there is a more impending need for God here to comfort and encourage those who’s dreams of stardome and fame, become dreams to evangelize the world!

We would like to invite you to attend our Sunday Worship Service at the North Hollywood (Noho Pac) Dance Studio at 10am every Sunday! Come and hear the Word of God preached like you’ve never heard it before! Witness life changing testimonials and hear some amazing singing and performances, all geared to bring you closer to God!

We also have small bible discussion groups throughout Hollywood, North Hollywood, Burbank, Receda, Sherman Oaks and other surrounding areas where we have amazing times of study to get to know God even more!

Our region is lead powerfully by Andrew and Patrique Smellie, who are preparing to take a team of fired up disciples to plant the church in Lagos, Nigeria! In their stead, Princeton and Joy George will be leading the charge to transform Hollywood into Holywood!

For any questions, or to just get connected with a bible study group, please email rob (at) usd21 (dot) org!