Zack, Our New Brother In Christ! – October 25, 2015

Zack Baptism

Zack before he gets baptized into new life!

From October 25, 2015 – Zack Fromm is an incredible young man that God has gifted with leadership abilities. He has a lot going on in his life, his married, his a student, working and on top of all that he is a track and field athlete at RCC (Riverside Community College). Zack started studying the bible about a month and half ago, shortly after coming to a house church service. His determination to put God first despite of persecution from his family has been incredible. Without being challenged Zack already started taking steps to become a disciple by changing his work schedule so that he could make all the meetings of the body. It’s been such a joy to study with someone that just gets it! Pray for his family as his wife Betsy is studying the bible and is close to baptism and his older sister is starting to study the bible as well. Love you guys very much and to God be the glory!